Monday, August 16, 2010

My boyfriend and I aren't allowed to date?

We won't be able to until next June (not this coming June, but the next one...). We've said to each other, we'll date if we're still willing to by then, and if we're not too busy or anything, etc.

He doesn't get too attached to anybody. He's not allowed to go anywhere, and he doesn't have many friends. Heck, I'm not even sure if I see him with any other girl other than me - and I don't mean that in a ';jealousy'; or ';He belongs with me'; sort of way at all. I mean that, I don't see him associating with girls - and he doesn't, really. He's... a loner, kind of like me. I've never felt so connected and friendly with someone. I feel like he's a friend to me, and I really like him. Almost, too much. We actually had a romantic relationship for a couple months before calling this off about a week ago. Again, this kind of hit me hard, and I just want some advice on how to cope with this. I don't classify this as a true breakup, really - it's not even that. He didn't write me off at all - in fact, he still really cares about me, and our relationship. It's just... hard, keeping all of this a secret.

Thanks. I'd really like some advice on how I could cope with this. And don't say, ';Just move on, this ain't worth it,'; when it clearly is. That's half-a** advice. If you truly love somebody, you'd do anything for them - and this is what we're doing for each other. And, before you all ask, yes, we've talked to our folks, and we're not allowed to date until we're each a year older.My boyfriend and I aren't allowed to date?
Hmm, well since neither of your parents think you're old enough to date then i'd say just hangout with him as much as you can. You can't be official but you CAN hangout, right? So, you guys have a year to get to know each other and decide weather you really like each other or wanna be with other people.My boyfriend and I aren't allowed to date?
well the best thing to do is just stay as you are it will be hard but better than it not working out at all just be the closest of friends u can feel attached and care about eachother without giving it a title of dating
i dont kno how old you are so i cant ans

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