Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grandma jealousy.. how to deal with it?

I just had my first son April 6th, and he is the first grandson in both sides of the family. My husband's mom is extremely jealous of my mom and since the baby was born, there has been some competition between the two of them, it has affected my relationship with my husband. My mom critizices me whenever my mother in law is with the baby.My mother in law simply dislikes my mom and me because we are not white. She gets mad when her son does not go and see her, and when he does go to her house with the baby, she has this attitude towards me, does no even say hi to me!

It breaks my heart that this is happening, and I try not to make it sucha big deal, but my husband and I fight sometimes. To makes things worse, my mom lives blocks away from me, and my mother in law lives far away, so you can imagine how things get. How can I cope with a critizing mother and a racist and controlling mother in law?Grandma jealousy.. how to deal with it?
keep both at a distance, don't bother going with your husband when he goes to see his sick,your husband should deal with his mom's rudeness. You need to tell your mother if she has nothing nice to say to say nothing at all. You don't need this crap and until they both grow up .....keep your distance they will get the message. Good luck with Christmas!Grandma jealousy.. how to deal with it?
You and your husband need to talk. This is not healthy for you , your husband or your son. Your husband needs to say something to his mother and what is okay and what isn't. And you need to set some limits with your mom. They are both acting ridiculous. If they keep it up, don't let them come over.
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